Why Should You Rent A Party Bus When You Can Go In A Night Club?

When having a party, we always want to have a great time and that everybody around is enjoying the same way we do! Still, the traditional nightclub parties are a bit out of the fashion and more people these days rent the party buses to drive around! One of the best companies Party Bus Fort Lauderdale is always open for the rental and their service is one of the best ones! But why do people rent a party bus?

It offers more convenience

The first thing is the convenience. The bus starts from the company and picks up every single person that is invited at the party so you do not need to go anywhere! Once all guests are picked up, the driver will drop you off at the address you have specified if you want to and will pick you up at the desired time and location. Therefore, you do not need to jump around from club to club or drive your car, but rather call a driver to pick you up. On top of everything, you have a big comfort and a lot of room inside the bus so you can literally dance inside! Some people prefer to drive around while the party, which is available upon request as well. In this way, you can get the party to the whole new level and make it however you want!

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You do not have to drive or call a cab

The worst thing about going out is limiting yourself not to drink too much so you could drive your car, drop off your friends and get back home. With a bus, you are free from those concerns! Yes, you do not drive at all, as you will have your driver sober and ready to drive whenever you say. We all like sometimes to drink a bit to relax and the worst thing is to get the DUI. Why would you risk your driver’s license when you can rent the bus to pick you up and leave you wherever you want? Also, it will happen sometimes that you cannot get a cab and you will have to wait 30 minutes before someone arrives. Instead, you specify the time when you want your driver to come and you do not have to think about anything else!

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The party is with you

The night clubs can become boring once the music or theme/style becomes something you do not like. As we said, some people prefer partying in the bus. The bus comes equipped with everything, from drinks to snacks and meals, depending on the service and company, as well as your pocket. The company can arrange for you the customized drinks, decorations, and many other things that you usually cannot get in a club. Or, you would have to pay much more to get these. So, wherever you go, the party is with you and you do not have to worry about music and good energy!

Saturn NJ: Top Rated Company for Beverly Hills Limo & Party Bus Services

Need a luxury transport for your friends or a crew that is anything but small? Want to get the reliable bus that will take you from one destination to another one in a fun and elegant way? Well, stop browsing the Internet and head to the BestMiamiPartyBus.com to hire your best party bus experience ever! These guys coordinate, find your crew or friends, throw a party and transport at the same time! Why would you waste your time on services that are not familiar to you, when you can rent a distinguished and recognized party bus service?

Celebrate while on the go

CelebrateYou can count these guys and their great sense for fun and entertainment, as the party they will organize will be one of your best ones! The night cruising in the highly-comfortable and luxury bus will make you feel like a superstar, as the party starts as soon as the bus picks you up! The seats made of high-quality leather, as well as the rest of interior, offer the superb and luxurious feeling as you are traveling alone, with the team members, concert crew, or friends who like to party while traveling!

Service for all kinds of events

LimoThe company is open to all kinds of events and the only thing you should specify along with the type of event is the number of people. Whether you are having a birthday party, a team event, wedding or a bachelor party, these guys will do their best to prepare you a cool riding and fantastic party at the same time. You and your crew/friends will be picked up at the desired time at the desired location and the party starts as soon as you hop in. If it is your birthday, the crew will ensure the light beams and a special surprise for you so you could remember your birthday!

A VIP feature

Yes, if you want to be special and feel as an important person, the VIP service is available upon your request. Classy and expensive champagne, red carpet and personal security are features of the VIP feature that allows you to look elegant and untouchable. The feature also guarantees you a high level of security, prudence and privacy. However, do note that you have to send a request in advance so that the service can prepare everything and organize.

A huge fleet

You can choose your own bus for the ride to make everything more personalized. Each of the buses is highly equipped and offers cutting-edge technology in any sense. Depending on the size of it, it may feature the stripper’s pole, small roulette table and a dancefloor where you and your friends can dance all night long! Generally, there are two types of buses: single and double deck. The first one is actually for smaller groups of people, up to 50 people at most, while the second one is made for the large groups, of up to 100 people.

Fall Of Saturn

If you are a fan of Saturn vehicles, then you must ask a question – Why did Saturn fail ultimately as a company? I have some theories that I would like to share with all of you. For starters Saturn failed for a few reasons – namely product that isn’t so great and a failed plan for expansion of the brand that led to too much competition with the other brands of the parent company.

Saturn had the no-haggle pricing policy and friendly service, which was great, but that in itself isn’t enough to sell a car to someone who isn’t interested in buying it. If we are talking about the product we must go back to the first s-series generation. The first generation S-series sold very well. They were decently put together, had reasonably appealing styling, good fuel economy, and were competitive with what the other auto companies were offering at the time.

Also Saturn vehicles have highly rated roofers.  People really liked those, although the larger body gaps required to use the plastic contributed to the perception of poor quality by some auto magazines. A lot of critics always said that the seats weren’t particularly comfortable and that the car wasn’t particularly fast. Although, they always had kind words about a driving experience and reliability of a car.

Then, they continued with some boring cars, until GM got involved. GM decided to expand the Saturn brand with larger vehicles that people had something to move up into (which in my opinion was a mistake). In the midst of the truck/SUV/minivan popularity, Saturn instead got a midsize sedan – the L-series in 1999 – which was based off the European Opel Vectra. Nice try on GM’s part to leverage what they’d already developed for Europe. They should be better if they decided to mix with limos.

So we could have the most high-end Beverly Hills limo service, that is basically a Saturn. The styling was so bland that they actually had a commercial where all the other cars were actually cardboard boxes to emphasize how stylish the L-series was. Fashion models don’t go around telling you that they’re beautiful.

GM clearly wanted to spend as little money as possible developing unique vehicles for Saturn, so at first, Saturn got rebadged European vehicles, which was sort of OK since those vehicles weren’t available in the US. Then they got rebadged American vehicles, which was pointless.

The L-series was replaced in 2006 by the Aura, which did away with the plastic body panels, and unfortunately was almost exactly the same as the Chevy Malibu. In 2005 Saturn started selling the Relay minivan, and in 2007 Saturn started selling the Sky roadster, which was the same as the Pontiac Solstice. So toward the end, Saturn had a lineup of cars, but they were all badge-engineered and sold at GM’s other brands. They also lost the plastic body panels, which was one of the major selling points in the early days.

By the end, Saturn had absolutely nothing unique about it, except for the no-haggle pricing.

So do I blame everything on General Motors? Yes I am.

Golden Years of Saturn


Someone asked me the other day do I know the most high-end Beverly Hills limo service. I didn’t know the answer, but it got me thinking about it. And with some strange thinking, I thought about Saturn vehicles. Don’t ask me how, it just happened. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me refresh your memories.

The Saturn Corporation is a registered trademark established on January 7, 1985 as a subsidiary of General Motors in response to the success of automobile imports in the United States. The company marketed itself as a different kind of car company, and operated somewhat independently from its parent company for a time, with its own assembly plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee, unique models, and a separate retailer network. Following the withdrawal of a bid by Penske Automotive to acquire Saturn in September 2009, General Motors discontinued the Saturn brand and ended its outstanding franchises on October 31, 2010. All new production was halted on October 7, 2009.


Still don’t remember these cars. Let me tell you about golden years. In July 1990, GM Chairman Roger Smith and UAW President Owen Bieber drove the very first Saturn off the assembly line in Spring Hill, Tennessee. The brand was marketed as a different kind of car company, and Saturn operated outside the GM conglomerate, with its own assembly plant in Spring Hill, unique models and a separate retailer network.


Results at Saturn, however, were more doubtful than positive. The project was too ambitious, as everything at Saturn is new: the car, the plant, the workforce, the dealer network and the manufacturing process. Not even Toyota, a highly successful and experienced automaker, tackles more than two new items on any single project. While Saturn cars proved very popular with buyers, actual sales never met the optimistic projected targets, in part because of a recession in 1990.

It also proved cannibalistic as 41% of Saturn buyers already owned a GM car. It’s separation from the rest of its GM parent, plus the fact that it drained $5 billion from other car projects, stirred anger and resentment within GM’s other divisions. Also, Saturn opened at considerably higher cost than the Japanese transplants. Nonetheless, the brand was immediately known for its no haggle prices.


The first Saturn model, the S-Series, was significantly successful. A year later, Saturn hit the Canadian market.

499,999 Saturns later, Carla entered the market in 1993. In May 1995, Jasper, Saturn’s Millionth car is produced. In 1996, Saturn Dealerships distributed the electric General Motors EV1, the first car released under the GM marque. In 1997, Saturn became the first General Motors North American vehicle to be fully built with right-hand-drive on the same assembly line as the left-hand-drive vehicles (the previous right-hand-drive GM North American vehicle were built in the countries with left-hand road rule using the CKD kit and customized dashboard and steering components) as it entered the Japanese market.

January 1999, Saturn rolled out its two millionth car. Later that year, Saturn began production of its all new L-Series.

Later Saturn fail as a company. Why? That’s a whole different sotry. I just wanted to remind people of those great years when Saturn was great.